Greg Wood – Evangelistic Comedy Entertainer

Comedy as an Outreach Event

Do You Want to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Next Outreach Event?

Do you want the Gospel clearly presented?

Would you like to attract more of the unchurched?



Then Invite a World Class Comedy Entertainer To Help Share The Good News

How Does It Work?


We have a unique and exciting approach of presenting the gospel in a non-offensive way to unbelievers. Our message is simple. We tell how to receive Christ as personal Saviour.  Our purpose is to expose a segment of your community to the Gospel who would never attend a Christian sponsored event. We create an atmosphere where the non-Christian feels at home and feels free to participate. He needs to know that Christians can laugh, play and have fun. We will help you to meet these needs.

There are a variety of needs our non-Christian friends and relatives have which must be met before they will entrust their lives to Christ. But one thing ALL of them need at some point is an understandable explanation of how salvation has been accomplished for them – the good news of Jesus Christ – and how they must respond to receive this salvation.

Most Christian artists draw an audience of 90% Christians. Therefore, if their goal is evangelism, they are often frustrated. Our show draws a much higher percentage of non-Christians. “The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood” is not Christian entertainment. It is entertainment by a man who is deeply committed to sharing Christ with the unchurched.

What Do We Do Next?


This is comedy presentation and I bring everything I need with me, so there is nothing you have to do and nothing you have to worry about. I bring my own backdrop, sound system, microphones, and copyright free music (composed by a friend or ours, Grammy award winner Arthur Stead). I require only a power outlet and 30 minutes to set up. I also need about 15 minutes to pack up once the presentation is complete.

When you decide to book “The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood, I’ll send you a letter of confirmation that has all the details. I will also give you a call a week before the show so you can rest assured I’ll be there and be on time. I know that you are busy and I want to make working together with me as simple as possible

Who Are Greg & Oonaugh Wood?

Greg Wood B. Th, works with Churches and Christian organizations that want to attract more pre-Christians to their outreach events so that they can have a greater impact toward the Great Commission. Greg is on staff with Children’s Camps International and is best known for his family and adult comedy outreach events. He uses comedy and variety arts to attract and reach those who would not normally attend a Christian event.

Over the years he has partnered with churches of almost every denomination and many other evangelical groups such as MAGI (Ministry Arts for Global Impact), Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus On the Family, Campus for Christ, Athletes in Action (including the Grey Cup Breakfast), Youth for Christ, YMI (Youth Missions International), Campus Crusade for Christ, India, and Children’s Camps International.

Greg and his wife Oonaugh have also trained Christians all over Canada, in the United States, Fiji, Belize, and in India to share their faith.

Greg has performed his own brand of comedy and illusions across ten countries on five continents.