We have a number of presentations designed to meet your entertainment needs. In fact we are quite well known for customizing our presentations which leads to a very happy client base.

Family Fun Show
This is our most popular show and has played well at Fairs & Festivals across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northwestern Ontario including The Winnipeg International Children’s Festival and B.C.’s Canadian Northern Children’s Festival. It is designed to entertain the WHOLE family.

Corporate Banquet Show
This is our corporate show and has played across Western Canada to Rave Reviews. It was designed for an adult audience but no one has ever been offended by the situations or the humour. It is truly wholesome entertainment or as others have stated, “just good, clean fun.”

The Personal Touch
This is magic that is performed for individuals and small groups. It is perfect for receptions and breaking the ice. Some of the magic happens right in the spectators hands – a nice personal touch. Greg has twice won Manitoba’s Close-Up Conjuror’s Award so you are guaranteed a great show.

Street Performance
This show is performed on the street at your event. It draws a crowd, entertains them and sends them on their way; all within 15 minutes. Then it starts up again. This has played well at Morden’s Corn & Apple Festival for several years and was chosen to represent Manitoba at the 1999 Pan Am Games. It was also chosen to represent Manitoba at Vancouver’s Street Fair.

Educational and School Presentations
Greg’s extraordinary ability to blend his unique talents and experiences into a school presentation makes him a refreshing, substantive, and valuable resource for schools and educators. He has performed his assembly programs in schools across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northwestern Ontario. He has also performed school shows in Hong Kong, Fiji, Brazil, Belize, Mexico, and India.

He is an entertaining trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience in teaching and speaking about drug and alcohol abuse, prevention and recovery. In 1992 he combined this experience with his talents as an illusionist to create programs specializing in:

The Illusions of Drugs – Drug abuse prevention

Stranger Danger

The Magic of Teamwork

Cool Kids Care Anti-Bully/Empathy Presentation