Winnipeg Christmas Party Entertainment

So you are looking for entertainment for a Christmas party. But you don’t want to just fill a spot.  And not just any entertainer will do.

Winnipeg Christmas Entertainer
  • You want entertainment that is guaranteed to be non-offensive.
  • You want guaranteed laughs for all ages.
  • You want entertainment for adult and children alike. (hard to find)
  • You want entertainment that is a one stop shop and provides everything required to make your event a success.
  • You want to create memories. (When a young lady makes a table float in the air – she AND YOU will remember it forever)
  • You want to have a ‘team/family’ experience (Cutting the boss’s head off works well for that. That ALWAYS gets a good reaction – very funny)



“Polished and professional, Wood has a delightful rapport with his audience and keeps the crowd laughing and smiling right to the end.”

— Wendy Burke – Winnipeg Free Press

“If you’re looking for a show that the whole family will enjoy, illusionist Greg Wood is your go-to guy. He opens his show inviting parents to have their camera phones at the ready, promising “a lot of cuteness on stage” and immediately delivers on that promise.

Of course, Wood is always one step ahead of us and even eagle-eyed adults are stymied by how he pulls off some of his illusions. Wood is also a pro at good-humoured patter and his whole package is guaranteed to entertain.”


 Iris Yudai, CBC Reviewer

Looking forward to partnering with you to make YOUR event memorable.

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